4 reasons First Aid courses for the workplace are vital

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4 reasons First Aid courses for the workplace are vital

Taking a first aid course run by a highly qualified medical, health or emergency services professional will not only teach you life-saving skills, but it will also give you the confidence you need to act appropriately, if (or when!) an accident occurs. Here are 4 reasons why first aid courses are important for your workplace:

1. It saves lives – and more!

Obviously the most important reason for first aid training is saving lives. Employees with the ability to react immediately to injuries, illnesses and accidents can make the difference. When looking at CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for example, it has been reported time and again that many lives have been saved due to fast reaction and CPR aid given during critical and life threatening accidents, injuries or health complications in the workplace.

That’s not all though; first aid being administered straightaway can help to reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between the patient having a temporary or long term disability. In a first aid course, you’ll learn how to remain calm in emergency situations and you’ll learn simple acronyms to help you recall the steps you need to take.

2. Prevent workplace incidents in the first place

Once employees have undergone first aid training, they are more aware of the hazards and incidents that could potentially occur in the workplace and beyond. It allows people to become more alert to their surroundings and they will be able to identify issues more quickly when they understand the risks and dangers. This awareness improves diligence and knowledge, helping to reduce the number of accidents that occur in the workplace.

3. It gives people confidence to act

Basic first aid knowledge allows you to be confident in your skills to administer first aid. By taking the training and keeping it up to date, people can have the knowledge to reflect and know how to react in certain high pressure situations. This understanding will boost confidence in a wide range of both medical and non-medical day to day situations. You will be able to effectively manage emergencies without fear, confusion or being overwhelmed.

4. It’s a great team building activity which can be fun!

You should invest in your employees and one of the best ways to do that is with a training course that will give them skills for life, especially when you maintain refresher courses. First aid training gives people the opportunity to learn an important skill together in a group environment outside of the daily grind. Teams report more awareness of their co-workers’ well-being once they have completed first aid training.

Whether you’re an employer looking to introduce or refresh your employees on first aid courses in the workplace or you’re an individual looking to learn new skills for work and home, check out the first aid courses on offer from MKC Training and discover these benefits for yourself.

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