Advantages of bespoke training courses

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Advantages of bespoke training courses

When it comes to training, the one-size-fits-all option doesn’t work. Most organisations’ training needs cannot be answered by off-the-shelf training programmes.

Why should you consider bespoke training?

Having a training course that has been developed specifically to fit the requirements and structure of your business can have many benefits. Because the training has been designed and developed for your company, it is cost and time-efficient.

Bespoke training courses help you to be able to prioritise the skills and areas that need to be addressed in the context of your business — allowing courses to be tailor-made to fit your needs without compromising quality or content.

Most organisations identify skills, tasks or techniques their staff need to develop, or are required to use, but there isn’t anyone internal to deliver the required learning. This is where choosing a training company can help.

5 benefits from bespoke training

  • The Right Fit for You – as the course will be built for your team and business only, customised to your specific needs using up-to-date examples and case studies tailored to your organisation
  • Time Efficient – because courses are specific to the topics you need within the time frame you request
  • Flexible – as you choose when and where the course will be delivered, at your premises or our training centre
  • Consistent Learning Experience – as the training enables every delegate to have the same consistent learning experience and achieve the same level of knowledge
  • Better Results – as your team gains the specific job skills they need for a particular project, situation or skill, reinforced by hands-on teaching to maximise the learning experience

Supporting the business, no matter how complicated

The benefit of bespoke training is that it is made for you. Employing a training company that is able to run the entire training process, from research to design, all the way through to assessment saves employers a huge amount of time and effort.

No matter how specialised the area your business operates in, you have a source of support when it comes to developing essential skills among your employees. When you have a training course that is made for you, you don’t need to worry about the relevancy to your operation. You will know how it is going to support their skills and in what time frame.

Our courses

At MKC Training, we have ten years’ experience designing, delivering and assessing blended learning solutions. These are made to seamlessly fit your bespoke training requirement with your specification, brand and values.

We teach thirteen trades, from basic skills to apprenticeships and professional qualifications in construction and engineering. Our flexible approach means that we can combine elements of each course to suit whatever your needs are. With the best equipment and a one-to-one skills teaching approach, you’re in the best hands possible to build a bespoke professional course for your employees. Using blended learning we are making learning more fun and efficient, through the use of iPads, tailored learning software and innovative technology.

To find out more about the bespoke courses we can build, contact us today and find out how we can develop your employees to be the best they can be.

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