1 RSME National Road Safety Week Charity Bike Ride

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1 RSME National Road Safety Week Charity Bike Ride

Last year (2020) there were 1,460 reported traffic related deaths in the UK.

As part of the road safety campaign 1 RSME volunteers carried out a charity cycle ride during National Road Safety Week (15-19th November 2021).

Volunteers came from MKC Training, Babcock and military personnel from within the RSME and cycled for an hour each between the hours of 0900 - 1500. The goal was to reach at least 1,460km (902.2 miles) on static bikes - a km for every life tragically lost.

We are pleased to announce that as a collective 2,625km (1,613.08 miles) were cycled in total!

Below is a break down of how many miles each team cycled.

  • 554km (344.27 miles) – 24 Squadron - Monday 15th
  • 608km (377.58 miles) – 36 Squadron - Tuesday 16th
  • 527km (309.71 miles) – Babcock - Wednesday 17th
  • 936km (581.52 miles) – MKC Training and TQ - Thursday 18th & Friday 19th

We are also proud to announce that from everyone's kind donations we raised £500 which will be split between the two following charities;

During the course of National Road Safety Week there were also cycle safety checks, traffic surveys and speed awareness training were carried out throughout the period. We were also lucky to have a presentation from Kent Police and a station health fair.

MKC Training would like to thank everyone involved in this event, the organisers, the cyclists and everyone who kindly made a donation - thank you.

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