Transforming ICT – for Now and the Future

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Transforming ICT – for Now and the Future

Last Friday we held the first meeting of our ICT Staff engagement group, and what a great meeting it was. As you can see from the pictures, there was a great deal of enthusiasm in the team that we could really make a difference, and this allowed for our first social distancing group photo of the year!

The group are the champions working to deliver our new ICT strategy, bringing in ideas from all parts of the company, and as we progress, helping to pilot and transform our ICT for the betterment of all our staff.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to provide and evolve a modern, efficient and effective technology-enhanced learning experience for trainees and those that design, deliver and manage our training. We will champion innovation in our current and future business, and support the Government’s aim of continuing to develop the use of technology in teaching.

This vision is compiled into a three-year strategy and covers five themes that aim to support our overall strategic priorities and use of technology in education. Each theme will enable the continuous improvement of the training we deliver, supporting and developing our staff and embracing new ways of working.

Enabling Growth

This strategy works towards having ‘best-fit’ ICT systems that will support our staff, wherever they are, as our business grows. We continue to use ICT to support and enhance our external communications and business development activities for now and the future.

We look forward to welcoming more fresh ideas at our next meeting!

Exciting times ahead!

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