Using Virtual Reality for Innovating Training Projects

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Using Virtual Reality for Innovating Training Projects

We have been working in Virtual Reality (VR) on some innovative training projects here at MKC Training - Here is a previous blog on the Training Transformation with AR, VR and MR!

Today we have a quick insight into some of the fantastic work the MKC team have been working on from our very own, Jay Dhanecha, our Instructional Designer working on these projects.

Using VR for Innovative Training Projects MKC Training


This project focuses on solar panels (as part of our decarbonisation project) where Jay was 'on top of a roof' examining solar panels in preparation for fixing etc.

Using Virtual Reality for Innovative Training Projects at MKC Training


This project allows students to plan the layout of a construction site in 2D on a laptop. Here they must consider the location of generators, security, fencing, fire points, materials, batching etc. Once the plan has been approved by their trainer, the plan is then ‘sent’ to the 3D server and VR goggles at the click of a button!

Students are then able to 'walk around' their construction site using the VR goggles and conduct a Health and Safety walk, such as checking the Fire Point, Plant Equipment, Site Security etc.

Using VR for Innovative Training Projects at MKC Training

This training scenario can also be changed on the fly, if the trainer wanted to introduce say a fire to one of the generators for example, they can, whilst observing students’ reactions and actions.

The trainer can change the smallest detail like the dates on Fire Extinguishers to see if students mark it down as a health and safety hazard.

Multiplayer Virtual Environment

Currently in development is a multiplayer virtual environment. This means the trainer and students can all have VR headsets on and walk around in the same environment.

The trainer can have discussions about what they are seeing and doing in the virtual world. A student could even be in another country, reaching back to the trainer in this country asking for advice whilst they both walk around the same virtual construction site.

The possibilities are endless!

Attached to these VR environments is a Learning Management System (LMS) that keeps track of interactions the student has performed and time spent on tasks providing a comprehensive set of analytics like any other LMS.

The Construction Site Safety Officer scenario will be trialled with students in February 2023, I am sure it is going to be a success, after all it feels like you are playing a game!

I know not all training is suited to VR, but when it can be used there are huge cost saving benefits.

MKC Training is fortunate enough to have staff that can design develop these ideas in-house.

I had retired but this has got me buzzing!

For more information on virtual learning and the Benefits of Using VR in Training.

Interested in learning more about our virtual learning capabilities?

Author: Jay Dhanecha

Instructional Designer at MKC Training

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