PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & Practitioner

Price: £1,750.00

What is PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile® combines the very different, yet complementary, worlds of Agile and PRINCE2. While PRINCE2 seeks to add structure and governance to projects, it doesn't have very much to say on how the teams are supposed to get the work done. Most Agile frameworks have an emphasis on developing empowered teams that can rapidly deliver high value outputs and outcomes but are less concerned with structure and governance. PRINCE2 Agile brings it all together in a thought provoking package which can be applied to any project in any industry.

Demand for PRINCE2 Agile is increasing exponentially as project managers, under pressure to deliver value quickly and reap the benefits of working with Agile teams, discover that they still need to impose structure and governance to the process.

Is this course for you?

If you are interested in harnessing the strengths of being Agile in a project environment then come on this course. It will be particularly interesting if your organisation has already been using a formal project management method like PRINCE2 but doesn't fully understand what it means to be Agile. Or maybe it's the other way around; you might be using Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban or DevOps but need guidance on how Agile works in a heavily regulated or publicly funded organisation.

This certification is aimed at project managers, aspiring project managers and anyone who manages projects. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, including: Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners), Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers), Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts), Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel) and operational line managers/staff.

Accreditation / Qualification(s) offered

Foundation and Practitioner are each valuable and globally recognised project management accreditations.

Qualify at two levels

The PRINCE2 Agile certification is split into two different qualification levels – Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level will be covered in the first 3 days of this course. The Foundation exam will be taken in the afternoon of the third day. The final 2 days of this 5 day course will cover the Practitioner level material, demonstrating how to apply and tailor the PRINCE2 Agile context.

Awarding organisation

AXELOS’ certifications are globally recognised and highly sought after by potential employers.

What this course includes

This price includes course and exam registration, online course materials, and the official PRINCE2 Agile Guidance book which will be mailed to you before the start of the Foundation level. On passing the exams, official PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner certificates will be sent to you from the examining body PeopleCert.

PRINCE2 Agile® is a (registered) Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Delivery methods:

  • Virtual LearningVirtual Learning
    Duration: 5 days
    This virtual course includes interaction and group-work to embed learning. We encourage use of cameras, and have regular breaks to maintain freshness and engagement.
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The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course is a 3 day introduction to both the world of project management and agile ways of working.

Candidates on this course will be given an introduction to the PRINCE2 processes, principles and themes. However, the main focus will be on exploring what it means to be agile and how the team members, project manager and project board can work in a more agile way. As well as conventional teaching, there will be practical activities so that learners can practice a number of agile techniques.

  • Objective testing
  • One-hour multiple-choice paper
  • 50 questions with a pass mark of 55%
  • Closed book exam.
  • 60 minute exam

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner course is a workshop that builds on the Foundation course. It gives learners an opportunity to revise the Foundation content through the practice of Practitioner exam questions and classroom discussion. It finishes with a 2.5 hour, scenario-based, multiple choice exam on the second day.

  • Objective testing
  • 50 questions each worth one mark
  • 30 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions: 60% pass mark
  • Two-and-a-half hours’ (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  • Open book exam. Candidates may use the official printed hard copy of the PRINCE2 Agile® guidance. The guidance book may be annotated and tabulated but no sticky notes and loose leaf papers containing additional notes will be allowed.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, from 13 April to 30 September 2020 individuals are now permitted to print PDFs for exams and use PDFs or official e-books on a second e-device (portable digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops) during open book exams.

There are no prerequisites to join the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation element of this course.

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

You can take the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certificate if you hold any of the following certifications:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation (or higher)
  • PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation
  • Project Management Qualification® (PMQ)*
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM)*
  • IPMA Levels A,B,C and D® (Certified Projects Director).

*'APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) formerly known as APMP' and 'CAPM' are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI). PMI is not affiliated with AXELOS. PMI does not endorse any AXELOS qualifications.

This course will enable you to combine the benefits of an Agile approach with the world’s most highly regarded project management method. You will know the key elements of PRINCE2 Agile and how these can be tailored and applied. You will understand the benefits you can expect from using PRINCE2 Agile, and when and how to implement PRINCE2 Agile in a sustainable way.


The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification will expire after 3 years. To maintain your qualification and ensure there are no gaps in your Practitioner status, you can either retake the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Exam before the expiry date or maintain your certification through CPD points and a digital badge. If you choose to follow the CPD route you will need to purchase a subscription to MY PRINCE2 which costs £50 + VAT per year.

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