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We perform training needs analysis, design and delivery of courses for the Armed Forces.

MKC Training was competitively selected by the Holdfast consortium to redesign & deliver training to the British Army's Royal Engineers. MKC has unique expertise in analysing and designing training so that learners from all generations achieve maximum success in minimal time.

MKC is the benchmark supplier of engineering training to the Armed Forces today, providing all of the core engineering skills through blends of fast track, e-learning, and through-life reach back and reach forward facilities. It's not just teaching, it's a Whole Force long term supporting relationship.

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Joe McManus

Joe McManus
Head of Business Development

MKC has tackled and resolved the key challenge facing organisations - how do you get your people to a high level of competence in an efficient time frame and without cutting corners? I'm convinced that at MKC we're reinventing training for tomorrow's workplace.

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Case Study

The Royal School of Military Engineering

MKC Training is responsible for the delivery of construction and engineering training to the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) at Brompton Barracks in Kent.

We deliver over 90 courses, from RQF Level 2 to Master's degree level.

We constantly strive to make this training more effective and efficient. Since 2010, we have played a pivotal role in making training at the RSME better, faster, and cheaper - for both the trainee, and for the Army. We have successfully achieved this with the design, development and roll-out of an innovative programme of training transformation that blends interactive online digital learning resources with practical tasks. This approach places trainees at the centre of their own learning experience and

  • Empowers every trainee to realise their full potential
  • Enables the development of trainees' self-confidence, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Develops trainees to become autonomous, through life learners, fully engaged in the learning process

It allows those with natural talent or previous experience to progress more rapidly through the course than their peers. This principle, which we call fixed-mastery / variable-time training, provides a flexibility that enables many soldiers to be released to the field army much earlier they would with traditional training methods, which is of significant benefit for the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

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Our delivery methods

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As pioneers of e-learning, you can trust us to create learning experiences that engage your learners, making efficient use of new technology to get the results you need.

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Our modular approach makes it straightforward to design bespoke solutions and develop a blended learning experience to fit your learners' environment. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to upskill, to get the knowledge and practice needed to achieve competence.

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Our expert trainers will deliver face-to-face training, virtual or classroom based, giving your learners the best opportunity to embed new knowledge and practise new skills. We will deliver bespoke in-company training, virtually or on your premises. We also welcome delegates onto our public courses.


We can help you craft training that inspires and delivers. Training designed to produce highly motivated people that are able to develop their talent and capability. We have a track record of working in partnership with the MoD and commercial organisations, supporting them to scale training to generate both savings and quality improvements. We will work dynamically with you through needs analysis, course design, and training delivery. The key is creating coherent and holistic training, reducing cycle time while sustaining or improving quality.

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  • "Sue was an excellent trainer and a nice person to be trained by too. Clearly has a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of not only the course but the whole discipline."
    Joe, APM PMQ course
  • "The use of whiteboards, real time example, breakout room and attempting the questions after every topic was really helpful. The enthusiastic tutor, made the course better."
    Anon, PRINCE2 Agile course
  • "The ideas and techniques learned in the course has changed my vision towards project management. It taught me various methods which I can apply in my career. I managed to learn new aspects of management cycle which I was unaware of. The course was very useful to me."
    Pawan, PRINCE2 Agile course
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and got a good deal of useful information from it. I have carried out projects throughout my career, and a few years ago took the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ), but carried out projects using my own methods. PRINCE2 is great in that it sets out a methodology for carrying out project management, and is the most widely recognised in the UK. Adding agile was the icing on the cake."
    Lara, PRINCE2 Agile
  • "Dhaliwal Narinder our trainer was excellent, adding insights from her vast experience to enhance our learning. We have tried Agile and Project Management separately, now i have the opportunity to try both again in my Faculty. Receiving this course online whilst locked down was perfect."
    Kevin, PRINCE2 Agile course
  • "The course was interesting and interactive, though a lot of information needed to be crammed in and consumed. Having done an Agile course a few years ago, this course helped to reinforce what was previously learned and put a project management theme to it. The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained the theory very well. The other participants were engaging and helped make the course interesting through the sharing of question and answer sessions to the relationship of past experiences."
    Ted, PRINCE2 Agile course
  • Experienced and well qualified training staff provide excellent support and are committed to improving trainees' experience.
  • "The pass rate is delivering more competent well-rounded, 'turn their hand to anything' engineers. All of the main courses delivered by MKC achieve notably higher success rates than the corresponding courses delivered by either Further Education (FE) or private training providers'."
  • MKC is seen to be strongly in line with acknowledged approaches to good practice in vocational education and training.
    Dr A Lahiff University College London Institute of Education (IoE)
  • The Open & Honest partnering approach will save MoD an average of 25% on previous training costs.
    Babcock International
  • MKC significantly exceeds performance and has delivered a further £28M savings since the start of operations. Training losses have moved from 12% to 5%, trimming times down by 20%. Innovating and driving down costs.
  • "It was clear that our tutors were not only really skilled themselves, but they knew how to pass that on to others."
  • "Learners have a deeper understanding of their trades"
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