MidKent College Launches Sustainable Construction Courses to Address Green Skills Gap

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MidKent College Launches Sustainable Construction Courses to Address Green Skills Gap

The transition to net zero will be a significant economic shift, resulting in structural changes in labour markets both locally and globally. As nations endeavour to mitigate climate change, the demand for skilled personnel across most sectors, including manufacturing, energy, construction and transport, escalates.

Green Skills Factory at Maidstone Campus

Urgent Reskilling Efforts

The recent report from Bain & Company explains the unprecedented and urgent reskilling effort required to prepare the UKs workforce for the new ‘green’ economy whilst working through the associated geographic mismatch, skills misalignment, limited training capacity and limited incentives for companies and workers.

The UK aspires to create two million green jobs by 2030

According to the 2021 Green Jobs Taskforce report, the UK aspires to create two million green jobs by 2030, aligning with the government’s Ten Point Plan. However, the green skills gap remains a formidable challenge, with 6 in 10 employers reporting significant deficiencies in skilled workers.

Transitioning to Net Zero

As the global community braces for the modern-day industrial revolution of transitioning to net zero, MidKent College stands at the forefront by developing some of the critical training capacity required, unveiling a suite of sustainable courses tailored to meet the pressing demands of the construction industry.

Prepare individuals and organisations for the future net zero ecosystems

With facilities located at our Maidstone Campus, Kent. MidKent College announced its commitment to bridge the green skills gap and propel the workforce towards a sustainable future.

Facilities at the Maidstone Campus Green Skills Factory

MidKent College’s Sustainable Leadership and Management (ILM) courses aim to empower businesses and individuals to navigate their operations through a sustainability lens.

The urgency to decarbonise the built environment cannot be overstated

From leadership strategies that balance financial success with environmental custodianship, to practical skills in retrofitting and onsite energy management, these courses offer holistic training for a greener workforce.

“The urgency to decarbonise the built environment cannot be overstated,” noted Richard Wilde. “Our courses address this imperative by providing specialised training for the retrofitting and maintenance of existing structures, essential for achieving net zero targets.”

Providing an Efficient Training Solution

The proposed legislation for low carbon heating underscores the need for trained professionals in the field. MidKent College’s Home Energy Centre courses are poised to meet this demand by equipping students with the expertise to install and maintain low carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps, aligning with the government’s ambitious targets for installations by 2028.

 Maidstone Campus Green Skills Factory

Also, recognising the shortage of qualified trainers, MidKent College introduces a Trade to Trainer course, aiming to nurture a new generation of educators equipped to deliver sustainable training programs effectively, as well as providing an efficient solution for industry experts to support the upskilling challenge. Moreover, climate literacy courses are set to become a cornerstone of MidKent College’s curriculum, aiming to enhance organisational awareness of climate issues and foster a culture of sustainability.

The Transformative Journey Towards Net Zero

“At MidKent College, we believe that sustainability should be ingrained in every aspect of organisational operations,” Richard Wilde emphasised. “Just as safety protocols are integral to business models, the transition to net zero must become part of our everyday practices.”

As the world braces for the transformative journey towards net zero, MidKent College stands ready to lead the charge, empowering individuals, and organisations to thrive in a sustainable future.

Learn more about MidKent College’s sustainable courses.


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